The Master Magician Medal can be awarded to any magician who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has achieved a high degree of proficiency and skill in the Art of Magic so as to be labeled a master of his art. The recipient must have demonstrated through his skill and ability he has enjoyably entertained lay groups as well as magician groups, and/or raised the art of magic to a higher level, to the extent that his services have been and/or are presently in demand.

The Master Magician Medal is never to be awarded to anyone of questionable character. Only magicians who have sincerely held high the traditions of the group, and Magic itself, are eligible. Magicians, who have been known to expose secrets and branded thusly, are not eligible.

In extraordinary circumstances, the Executive Committee may propose that the Master Magician Medal be awarded to someone who is not a member of our group. In such an instance, the Executive Committee shall propose the name of the individual to the membership at a regular meeting, and a vote shall be taken among those members present to approve presentation of the Master Magician Medal.






































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